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vitamins and minerals from a - z dr jewel pookrum


This ebook has been written with the focus to update the reader on the vital activities and life-sustaining attributes of Melanin, all of which are needed for Hueman tissue evolution in the 21st Century. The information offers stimulating reading to promote you to reevaluate your present attitudes & opinions regarding this vital life promoting pigment.


straight from the heart book by dr jewel pookrum


Straight From The Heart is a must-have ebook for the development of a healthy body, mind and spirit. The knowledge of the proper maintenance of the blood is the key to health and vitality and immortality, according to Dr. Jewel. You will learn information that will assist you in improving the quality of living and allowing your body to come into it’s natural state of perfection.



ready and able by dr jewel pookrum


Are you prepared for extreme circumstances? What will you do? How can you protect your loved ones? This ebook provides you with step-by-step lists, tips and techniques for life in extreme circumstances.

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