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Dr. Jewel’s Prismatic Neuronal Intergration Program (DJPNIP)

We at the J.E.W.E.L University Of IMMORTAL SCIENCES FOR IMMORTAL LIVING, the college of Neurosciences understand that sacred geometry is the template that creates all of our reality. Geometry stimulates and sustains the development and growth of all life on earth. Relative to the HUEman Nervous system, geometric symbols expressed in full color consistent with electromagnetic spectrum cause intense, thorough extension and intergration of the neurons of the brain; especially dendrites. Dendrites are the small hair like nerves which grow form the body of the neuron. We refer to these small fibers as dendritic spiny protuberances (DSP)

The DJPNIP Course study is designed to do the following:

Your course is taught by Dr. Jewel Pookrum, giving you direct access to Dr. Jewel every week during the DJPNIP Cyber class.

You’ve done the work so let’s get busy learning and living life with a BALANCED BRAIN. You will learn how to build, live and exhibit proper personal decorum within a community environment. This course also provides each attendee with the following services and events;

dr jewel pookrum juis chancellor

Dr. Jewel Pookrum, M.D.,Ph.D, M.F.S.

WEDNESDAY( Kali) Class Plasma (Day):
at 6:30 am EST – 8:30 am EST

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