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Create Your Plasma_Day: 13 Plasma_Day Creation Format

Course Description & Goal:

“Creating Your Day” course is about mastering your life, reclaiming your body’s owners manual, and creating a life of sovereignty. It’s your Cosmic Right & Responsibility.  It’s  also about re-discovering what and who you are and who you’ve always been.  Creating Your day is a 4th dimensional  Art form  and tool of Mastery that  will aid you in taking your life back.  You NOW get to design and create your life in the way want to live it and not in the way that others have designed it for you.

In this 13 day intensive you will learn:

1)      How to design your day & create what you want

2)      Creating a Cosmic Vaccination

3)      Understanding manifestation & habundance (abundance)  from a elevated  level of consciousness

4)      Learn the 13 tones and how to apply them to your day

5)      Identify what you “Truthfully” want to experience in your reality

6)      That money is  energy and only a tool

7)      How to uncover your limiting beliefs (why and where you are struggling)

8)      Identifying  Trans-generational influences

9)      Removing  the  emotional blocks

10)   How not to be affected by the economic collapse

11)   How FOCUS ALWAYS  wins

12)   How LOVE, JOY & HABUNDANCE  are the KEYS to Everything

13)   Tapping into Purpose & Mastering oneself Cosmically & Consciously

Course Duration: Thirteen Plasmas (DAYS)

Course occurrence: October 12 – October 24, 2019

Remember only YOU can be the ONE  to change & transform your reality. We look forward to seeing you in class!

Course Fee: $525 Dollars USD or the equivalent can be paid by: Payment Plans; available upon request (see below) _Replays included.

Course Instructor: Heather T. Pearman, DC

Dr. Heather Pearman is a PsychoNeuroImmunologist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Life and Relationship Coach, Dean of the 13th College: College of Regenerative Medicine & Clinical Services, with the Jewel University of Immortal Sciences for Immortal Living, College of Regenerative Medicine & Clinical Services. Dr. Pearman has been in practice for over 19 years. She is the owner of Intelligently Designed Wellness, located in the city of Mt.Vernon, in Westchester County. Dr. Pearman graduated from Life University, School of Chiropractic, in Marrietta, Ga.. Her motto is that wellness is not an approach, it’s a way of life. She “designs” individualized programs for every client incorporating different techniques and technology. Dr. Pearman strongly believes that “health issues are life issues” and that a mind, body, and spirit approach is an absolute necessity for each and every client to transform and heal. “Anything that is chaotic is always void of the Spiritual”. This concept was birthed through her practical experience and having had experienced and overcome her own health challenges. She commits herself to aiding clients overcome chronic healthcare issues, emotional and relationship challenges to stay on course to fulfill their life purpose. Dr. Pearman is certified in advanced clinical nutrition, multiple structural and chiropractic techniques, quantum based energetic medicine, Neurolinguistic programming, Hypnotherapy, Marriage and Relationship mentoring, Transformational and Life coaching. Dr. Pearman is always expanding her tool belt of knowledge and experience, by attending post-graduate and certification programs in order stay on the cutting edge and ahead in her profession. Her goal is to aid every client in living the healthiest, wealthiest, and happiest life they are intended to live.

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All payment plans include processing fee. Upon completion of the Initial payment, access to days 1-6 are unlocked. Once the final payment is processed, days 7-14 are unlocked.


No Refunds

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