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Dr Jewel’s Brain Balancing Alliance (DJBBA 101)

Dr Jewel’s Brain Balancing Alliance

Through this Audio, visual, live streaming internet venue we together, will explore the standards and alternatives available, to delineate the unlimited opportunities you have acquired to live a Healthy, prosperous and joyous life and lifestyle, indefinitely.

Your course is taught by Dr. Jewel Pookrum, giving you direct access to Dr. Jewel every week during the DJBBA Cyber class. Each Cyber class includes a chat room as well as direct Q&A with Dr. Jewel for 30 min duration after the presentation of each topic. Each Cyber class is recorded and available for review via podcast/live stream access to each attendee.

You’ve done the work so let’s get busy learning and living life with a BALANCED BRAIN. You will learn how to build, live and exhibit proper personal decorum within a community environment. This course also provides each attendee with the following services and events;

• Free Attendance to the DJBP General Teleconference Calls (30 min duration);

• Wednesday (Silio) DJBBA Teleconference conference instruction. Strictly for registered and enrolled attendees call who are Balanced & Locked.

• Subscription to the quarterly DJBP Newsletter “The Aligned Neuron News”

• Weekly scientific literature; articles and other pertinent information distributed weekly via Email, to sustain high quality stimulation/Nutrition to your neurons.

• The latest and up to the minute details on all future events, Earth Changes, and workshops sponsored by DJBP.

• Availability to the “Dr. Jewel Balancing Program Show” Archives as well as past teleconferences via Pod Cast/audio streaming services.

dr jewel pookrum juis chancellor
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Dr. Jewel Pookrum, M.D.,Ph.D, M.F.S.

Weekly Class Plasma (Day): SUMMER JUNE 2020
at 6:30 am EST – 8:30 am EST

Trademark Terms Agreement:
The contents are under full copyright and Trademark protection owned by the House of Jewels. This information in its entirety nor any part of can be reproduced, copied, transcribed, placed into podcast format, placed into Mp3 format or suspended on any internet digital location without expressed written permission from the House of Jewels, Washington state, USA To reproduce or suspend this broadcast in any digital location other than “The House of Jewels,The Jewel Network,” is prohibited and legal proceedings will follow accordingly.

Copyright & Trademark Agreement Signature

Tuition Full Payment $700 Full Pay

Special Installment Plan

$300 down due upon enrollment, $225 due the 3rd week of class, $225 due the 5th week of class. Special Extended Payment Plan

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