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Dr. Jewel consults with clients and patients from all over the world via phone and online web conference (online web conference is available for certain situations only; which are determined by Dr. Jewel).

Topics include:  Women’s Health, Men’s  Health, Psychological/Mental Health, Nutrition, Malignancy (Cancer) and Multiple-Systems Disorders (which include: Cardio Vascular Diseases, Renal Failure, Renal Dialysis, Diabetic Nephropathies [Eye disease, Neurological diseases, Liver and Lung disorders])…and more.

What You Receive 

  • 45 minute private consultation with Dr. Jewel
  • MP3 recording of the conversation
  • A full discussion, evaluation, and conclusion of your present medical condition
  • Written summary of Dr. Jewel’s medical opinion
  • A full disclosure and discussion of the Client Treatment Agreement (CTA) during the initial consultation.  The Client Treatment Agreement will determine whether the client will progress into a full treatment plan under Dr. Jewel’s guidance.


30 min. phone consultation: $475

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